August 13, 2017

On 8 August RATA has handled an orphaned source of ionising radiation in Telšiai region, Narimaičiai village, which was discovered by a farmer doing maintenance on his harvester Massey Ferguson MF-40.

RATA was informed about a radioactive finding by the Radiation Protection Centre.  The source discovered was used as a part of grain stream meter containing Am-241 radionuclide, mounted adjacent to the grain bunker. The activity of radionuclide was 35 MBq, with the surface dose rate of 0,3 µSv/h. Following the regulations of handling of orphaned sources of ionising radiation, nuclear and fissile materials, the source was placed into a special container for transportation. The source will be handled as radioactive waste.

In the photos: the discovered source of ionising radiation, harvester Massey Ferguson MF-40.