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About RATA

State Enterprise Radioactive Waste Management Agency (RATA) was established to implement the management and disposal of all radioactive waste transferred to it, generated by the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant during the operation and decommissioning process, and radioactive waste from small producers (hospitals, industry, research institutions etc).

Existing storage facilities do not conform to the requirements and standards of the disposal facilities and cannot be used for disposal of radioactive waste. New disposal facilities should be constructed for short-lived and long-lived radioactive waste in Lithuania. RATA’s task will be to provide institutional control, surveillance and monitoring of disposal facilities. Also RATA is in charge of implementation of geological repository programme in Lithuania.

Upon implementation of provisions set by the Law on Radioactive Waste Management, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania issued the Resolution No. 1487, dated 27th December, 1999, by which the Ministry of Economy was entrusted to set up the Radioactive Waste Management Agency. The Articles of Association were approved on 16th May, 2001 and registered on 20th July, 2001 by the Ministry of Economy. The last version of Articles of Association was renewed and approved on 18th of May, 2016 by the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, Order No 1-164.

RATA functions in accordance with the Strategy of Radioactive Waste Management approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Resolution No 860, dated 3 of September, 2008. On the course of its activities, RATA shall observe the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Management of Radioactive Waste, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Nuclear Energy, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Radiation Protection, the Republic of Lithuania Law on State and Municipality Enterprises, and the other legal deeds of the Republic of Lithuania.

As management of the radioactive waste is directly related with the nuclear and radiation safety, RATA’s activity shall be licensed by the regulatory bodies, namely State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (VATESI) and Radiation Protection Center.


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