May 19, 2017

European Radioactive Waste Management Agencies Club of Agencies (CoA) meeting was held in Vilnius on May 16-18. The meeting was organised by the Lithuanian Radioactive Waste Management Agency (RATA).

Radioactive Waste Management Agencies established the CoA over 30 years ago. The CoA meetings are held twice a year, each time in a different European country. Topical issues of radioactive waste management, sharing of experience, application of new technologies as well as future plans are discussed at the meetings. Already the 63rd meeting was held in Lithuania, attended by 28 participants from 16 European countries and a representative from the European Commission.

Radioactive Waste Management Agencies play an important role in ensuring nuclear and radiation safety. The agencies are working independently from waste producers ensuring a safe and reliable radioactive waste management process. The currently existing system in Lithuania is in line with the best international practice.

CoA Vilnius meeting participants traditionally presented the most important radioactive waste management events in their countries. RATA emphasised spent nuclear fuel and long-lived radioactive waste disposal issues. According to the Lithuanian Radioactive Waste Management Development Program, the spent nuclear fuel and long-lived radioactive waste must be disposed in a deep geological repository in Lithuania. RATA is in charge of preparation of the deep geological repository development project. It is planned to select the site for the deep geological repository in Lithuania by 2033, to build the repository and prepare for the operation by 2066. On the last day of the meeting, CoA members visited the radioactive waste treatment and storage facilities in Lithuania.

Such international cooperation on radioactive waste management contributes to a common goal of management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste without any threat to the people and environment and thus without burdening future generations.

In the pictures: Participants of CoA meeting in Vilnius.